Master's Cup American Coffee House, Saigon

From plastic stools on crumbling sidewalks to lavish spaces filled with creative decor & stunning art, the cà phê culture in Ho bỏ ra Minh thành phố has it all. No matter your budget, there’s a place to lớn get your caffeine fix. But we’re here for the best — so here they are.

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The Workshop’s atmosphere is all about functionality. The decor feels industrial in a way, yet still fun và lively. It’s the kind of place where you could spend all day being productive, which is exactly why they count many professionals as repeat customers. They’ve struck a wonderful balance between business & pleasure, with great food & an impressive selection of specialty coffees.

Many cafes in Ho chi Minh city try to differentiate themselves with trendy decor & a quality atmosphere, but none can compare lớn The Coffee Ship. It floats on the canal that separates Districts 4 & 7, built into a boat that once worked on the Mekong River. In a thành phố of approximately 10 million people, it’s always nice khổng lồ find a place with a breeze — a place khổng lồ escape the traffic madness. Enjoy your coffee as you watch barges meandering by, leaving gentle waves as they go.

You don’t expect to find too many garden paradises hidden behind cement walls, but that’s exactly what Du Mien Garden Coffee offers their many customers. Go Vap District has the highest population density in the city, so any chance lớn escape the hectic streets and enjoy chất lượng coffee with waterfalls, ponds và even a tree house is a welcome one. If you’re in District 1, this cafe is worth the trip.

This coffe is hidden at the southern edges of Ho chi Minh City’s urban sprawl. Their decor welcomes you in with its refined simplicity, but its their wonderful coffee và other drinks that will keep you in your seat for hours. This is the kind of place where you can get work done or just chat away with friends.


Yoko cafe hosts some of the best live music in the city. It’s a popular nightlife spot, especially among the artistic set, attracting a cool và hip crowd. On most evenings, they have local musicians playing sets, but in the day, they’re a cool little coffe where you can lounge with nice drinks — or get up and play some tunes if you’re musically inclined.


The atmosphere of i.d cà phê comes from the aspiration of most cafes in the city: khổng lồ be a relaxing escape from the busy streets of this mega city. When you look at the details, you can see the care that went into every choice. This cafe feels like it’s been finely tuned to create the perfect ambiance for your relaxation, with dim lighting, plush seating and subdued art. It’s easy lớn see why this coffe is so popular.

Featuring three levels of seating areas, The Coffee Connect is a wonderful spot for digital nomads, students & professionals looking to enjoy amazing drinks as they get their work done. And this coffe has a rarity among shops in this city: an elevator! That’s right, no need to break into a sweat getting up to their lovely rooftop.

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The Snap coffe is the definition of a hidden gem. From the street, it looks lượt thích a few boutique shops, but inside, you walk into a garden oasis for the whole family. Their menu features dishes from around the world, with an ample kids menu as well. They’re a good choice for any time of the day, and well worth the trip from downtown.

If you have a taste for the finer things in life, you need khổng lồ try Villa Royale Antiques và Tea Room. They have two locations in the city, & both set the standard in terms of refinement & style. If you simply want excellent tea or coffee, they’re happy lớn delight you — but we strongly recommend you come with an appetite, because their food is world class. This is a regular stop for professionals & socialites in Ho đưa ra Minh City.

Situated on the 3rd floor of an older-style building on Pasteur, The Old Compass coffe and Bar is about as central as it gets in Ho chi Minh City. It’s difficult lớn put a label on this place because of all the different kinds of events they host. On any given night, you might find a live band or an academic giving a speech. They’re something of a cultural hub, with tasty food, unique coffee & all the wine you could ever want.

For an amazing breakfast to lớn start your day off right, visit L’Usine Le Loi. There’s a boutique shop and gallery on the ground floor, but head upstairs to lớn find their inviting cafe and restaurant. L’Usine has three locations around the city, và all of them are well known for their excellent menus and contemporary style.

With flowers, kitties, a koi pond & chic decor, Cúcuta Coffee is a wonderful retreat for those looking khổng lồ enjoy their drink of choice in a stylish setting. This is an intimate cafe where it feels lượt thích all your áp lực just melts away as you come inside và see three frumpy cats lounging around. Và in the evening, Cúcuta Coffee brings in talented musicians to lớn play on their piano. This will likely be your new favorite cafe.
It’s the chất lượng and variety of the coffee that sets Shin Coffee apart from its many competitors. They’re located in the heart of old Saigon, a short walk from the Bach Dang Pier, making them an easy choice for many office workers & tourists. If you’ve never had egg coffee, Shin Coffee is one of the few cafes in the city to offer this Vietnamese specialty.

Dolphy cà phê is popular among the many expats who live và work in the Thao Dien area. This is the perfect spot to cài đặt your máy tính and get some serious work done, making it the home base of choice for many digital nomads. Their drinks thực đơn is both varied và delicious, so make sure lớn stop by if you’re in the neighborhood.

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