Detective Conan: The Fist Of Blue Sapphire Kissanime

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After 22 movies there isn't much they can vày in terms of mystery, so what they vì chưng is turn the series into lớn a battle shounen.I know Detective sầu Conan movies always had overexaggerated action, I'm fine with that, but they weren't missing the mystery và how the characters used their brains to overcome every problem.This movie is just pure action with a lot of explosions & almost super powers (it's hard khổng lồ imagine anyone was actually looking forward khổng lồ see Makokhổng lồ go super-saiyan and beat up bad guys), và the murder case was too weak even for a spin-off.Overall this movie is not bad as a standalone, but don't expect it to live sầu up to the main series.
Detective sầu Conan, a masterpiece. I've sầu been watching this anime for more than 12 years. Every single movie has an outstanding story as well as the animation. This particular one was very well put out. I would 100% recommkết thúc it. I'm sure you will enjoy it as well, although I don't like many many animes this one is one that I will never dislượt thích. I have been waiting for Katou Kid to appear once again, và this was a nice appearance. So much suspense & makes you jump out of excitement. You also start to lớn suspect everyone but of course it'll always be the one you never would have thought it would be. Enjoyed this movie a lot. Hopefully you guys will too!Overall great movie!
After first hearing about this movie, I had a pretty good feeling about what I was getting into: it will be really weird, but a little fun. For one, I had no idea how a movie mix outside japan will be done, let alone it being focused on a character I almost forgot about. However, with it being another Kaito Kid movie, I felt assured that we would at least get some fun moments thrilling heists and goofy not-Shinichi moments. And sure enough, that's exactly what I got (warning: long nhận xét full of spoilers).To start with, this movie looks really good! Whether it’s because of how much effort they put into lớn the art style & animation or I’ve sầu just gotten used to lớn the old style while re-watching the series, this is definitely one of the best looking movies in the series. The luxurious web6_setting of Marimãng cầu Sands Bay really makes it possible for some beautiful eye candy. The animation during intense scenes is insane and over the top (as is the norm with these movies). Kaito Kid returns & he needs Conan’s help! Having been rivals for nearly 23 years, it’s always fun to lớn see them working together. The pacing of this movie is also really good. Everything moves at a snappy pace when it needs lớn, only slowing down either khổng lồ reflect on the case or for some much needed down time. My favorite scenes are definitely Kaito’s heists as these are the scenes where the most action is going on.Lots of high praise, for sure. But unfortunately, this movie does have sầu some faults I can’t ignore. While the mystery is interesting, there were some bits that were a bit hard to lớn follow. It also doesn’t help that the villains aren’t particularly impressive sầu. The central antagonist is just so blatantly bad. For the real culprit, I had a hard time understanding how he was able to lớn manipulate everything khổng lồ his favor. The only other villain I can enjoy is the one who just wants khổng lồ fight Makokhổng lồ & he barely gets any characterization. The other weak point for me was Makoto và Sonoko’s subplot. It’s got its moments, lượt thích Sonoko going out her way khổng lồ help Makoto lớn get back into the tournament, when she gets attacked as well as the secret of Makoto’s bandage. My only problem was this whole drama that develops between them. I don’t really think it was necessary. Also, I’m not a big bạn of how the main antagonist... uh... “hypnotizes” hlặng to not fight & stuff until the kết thúc. That was just weird.So yeah, weird stuff. But overall, the pros out way the cons (just slightly). If you love sầu Kaito lớn Kid and really cool action, then you’ll totally dig this film. Who knows? Maybe you might like Makolớn and the villains more than I did. For me, I would probably put this movie between Movie 9 (Strategy Above the Depths) và Movie 1 (The Time-Bombed Skyscraper). A very fun movie, despite its flaws. Chechồng it out if you’re interested.