The Future Trunks saga is now in full swing in Dragon Ball Super and episode 49 ended with a bang. Black Goku found a way to the present to fight the real Goku. Episode 50 did not disappoint as the two fought for the very first time.

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Before the fight actually begins, there is something interesting about Black Goku’s special ring. It is a type of ring that enables him to travel through time and Whis notices this too.

Black Goku pretty much recognizes who the real Goku is, plus he knows Beerus and Vegeta. Since in Future Trunks’ timeline Goku and Vegeta are dead, this is a sign that Black Goku might be from a different time period.

Trunks wants to fight him, but Vegeta says he’s not strong enough. The real Goku then flies off to face his impostor himself. Black Goku says to Goku that it’s an honor to fight you inside this body. This could be a theory that Black Goku is not Goku or anybody we know. It must be some type of different character that is able steal bodies.

After that, the two Gokus fight and it’s great to see the two go at it. Goku mentions that Black Goku is similar to him since they both love to fight. The fight itself is excellent as it’s full of action and the two are pretty much evenly matched.


It’s worth mentioning Goku always doesn’t go all-0ut as he’s just fighting in his Super Saiyan 2 form. This is something within Goku’s nature because no matter how evil his opponent is, he loves to test them out first as he just loves the thrill of fighting. Future Trunks doesn’t like this as he knows Goku can become a Super Saiyan 3. For the rest of us, we know he can be Super Saiyan Blue.

During the fight, we see that Black Goku is unlike any other fighter we have seen before. When he powers up, he is full of dark colors instead of the bright lightning show that we usually get. The main flaw that Goku doesn’t fully understand is that Black Goku gets stronger the longer the fight goes.

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However, Goku gets the upper hand in the fight as he weakens Black Goku pretty bad in the mid section. After the kick, there seems to be a time distortion glitch and Black Goku is getting weaker. As a last ditch effort, Black Goku powers up all of his energy to knock down Goku really hard and this forces the Time Machine to tip over.

Future Trunks stupidly shouts “Time Machine” for Black Goku to hear this. This prompts Black Goku to destroy the Time Machine before he retreats back to this own timeline via a black portal. Black Goku knows he’s not strong enough to beat Goku and runs away. Black Goku is back in the future and holds his heart. This shows that Black Goku might have a weakness. The character might have been defeated today, but this won’t be the last time we see him.

Future Trunks knows there are still people alive on Earth in the future and he still wants to save them. He doesn’t want Black Goku to still be alive to kill everyone in his own timeline. Bulma is not sure if she can build the time machine yet. She goes back to Capsule Corp to fetch something that will help out Future Trunks…


Whis explains that the ring Black Goku is wearing is called a time ring and only Supreme Kais are allowed to use it. This might be a sign that Black Goku’s time ring is related to the green Kai looking dude during the opening credits of Dragon Ball Super. His name is “King God Zamasu”. I guess we won’t find out about that just yet. Future Trunks then asks Beerus if he could use a time ring, but Beerus says he doesn’t have one.

Krillin tells Future Trunks that Whis was able to reverse time after Freiza blew up the Earth. Whis explains his powers are’t that great as he can only reverse time for 3 minutes. He cannot go to the future or visit the past in a different timeline.

Bulma comes back and she does have a Time Machine after all, but it needs fixing. She got a hold of the Time Machine that Cell came in. If you remember correctly, the Cell that the Z fighters fought came from the future as well as he went to the past to become “perfect”. She kept the it inside of a capsule all of this time.

There is a cliffhanger at the end of Dragon Ball Super episode 50 as we get a glimpse of the future again. It turns out that Future Mai is still alive. This is good news for Future Trunks, although he has to hurry up since Black Goku is on the warpath.

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As a whole, episode 50 of Dragon Ball Super is excellent. Not only was it great to see Goku fighting Black Goku, but we also got more details on the identity of the new villain. It was also great to see that Mai is still alive too! Next week is episode 51 and it’s back to the future again.

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