Hoka One One Carbon X 2 Review

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It"s by far, the cheapest carbon-plated marathon shoe! và we"re here lớn say, the Hoka Carbon X is a steal. Everything about it is great và there"s nothing khổng lồ not like. It"s cushy (like a true Hoka), but it"s also designed khổng lồ go fast. & uncommon for a race shoe, it"s very durable và stable! The only flaw this shoe has it that it"s a tad heavy compared lớn the shoes in its ranks.


True khổng lồ sizePerfect lockdownGreat upper fitFairly soft landingNo break-in periodBreathableGood grip (for the road)Reasonably-priced



The Carbon X definitely shined in the tempo/moderately hard pace

With this shoe, I had found the ride lớn be quite pleasant. I think it was a great phối between comfort, speed, và was able lớn accomplish many different runs. I had taken it through a variety of runs at a variety of paces which a few of them were:

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I had found this shoe to vày great for my 3-mile tempo run. It was springy & responsive thanks khổng lồ the carbon fiber plate. Not as lightweight as I typically would like but the comfort made up for it as my legs felt fresh and good. My verdict is that for faster paces it does fine, it might not be the most aggressive or lightweight but it gets the job done better than your standard shoe.

It’s not the most comfortable for your easy days

I wanted khổng lồ take this shoe in the double digits (10-mile easy long(ish) run) khổng lồ see how comfortable it was at those kinds of distances. The midsole was soft and forgiving while the carbon-fiber plate/rocker geometry reduced the fatigue in the later miles.

In terms of easy-paced running, it surprisingly wasn’t bad. I think that’s due khổng lồ the less aggressive geometry of the carbon plate lớn where it doesn’t feel super stiff at slow paces lượt thích other shoes such as the Vaporfly Next% 2 or Adios Pro 2.0.

It’s not the best for easier paces though, it still has a plate & has some stiffness & rigidity khổng lồ it. I’m a 5k specific runner so the most I"ll vì chưng is 13-14 miles, but this is a marathon shoe so I expect it will bring comfort to lớn the đôi mươi miles and above range.

Soft, cushioned feel

The midsole of the Carbon X is the PROFLY X foam, which consists of centimet EVA foam placed above a carbon fiber plate và injected rubberized EVA added below the plate. The cm EVA foam (top layer) is made to lớn deliver a soft & cushioned feel, while the rubberized EVA (bottom layer) is made to lớn be durable.

Overall I thought the midsole was great, it was soft and definitely saved my legs whether it was going fast or long.


No adaptation period needed

I personally did not have any adaptation period in this shoe but there are two points I could foresee people having adaptation periods with:

Adaptation to lớn the carbon fiber plate if you"re not used lớn it.

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Other than these two things I don"t think there is much of an adaptation period.

Not the lightest racing shoe

The weight of this shoe in comparison lớn most running shoes is not bad, with it coming in at 8.7oz/247g. But unfortunately, compared khổng lồ today"s carbon-plated racing options it would be quite heavy, with most of them being 7.8oz/222g. Overall it"s not the heaviest but definitely not the lightest racing option either.


Outsole wear after 30 miles

The outsole of this shoe is a rubberized foam. Obviously, for a racer, durability isn’t the top priority, performance is. That being said, some people want a shoe that will last them 500 miles, & I don"t think this is the shoe for you. I bởi think this shoe will last in the 200-250 mile range, but I don’t have much experience with Hoka’s rubberized foam, so I’m not sure how long the actual outsole tread will last but after 30 miles I could already see wear và tear on high wear areas.


Grip is limited to lớn road

I had tested this shoe on most roads - as that"s what the shoe was made for. I did take it for one run on a grass/lightly packed trail. It wasn"t very bad but it"s quite obvious it wasn"t made for anything other than the road.

A great khuyễn mãi giảm giá of breathability

I really enjoyed the overall upper of the Hoka One One Carbon X & the breathability was no different. It is a single-layer engineered mesh that has visible perforations throughout the forefoot which allows for a great giảm giá of breathability.


Pricey for a shoe, but not for a carbon-plated racer

The price of this shoe is $180 (you can most likely find it for cheaper.) I think for a carbon-plated shoe with an average price of $200, this is a fair price for this shoe.


Overall I was pleased with the shoe & thought it was a great blend of everything you want in a fast pace shoe; responsiveness, great lockdown, and comfort.