The Lovely Couple Bae Suzy and Lee Jong-suk

Do you know about actress Bae Suzy và actor Lee Jong-suk? Both of them rose khổng lồ fame after appearing in various movie projects, but they got more recognition after being put together in a romance drama, While You Were Sleeping. In this article, Channel Korea will give you a glimpse of the romance between Bae Suzy và Lee Jong-suk, so keep on reading!

Bae Suzy and Lee Jong-suk’s Intense Chemistry on While You Were Sleeping


For those of you who are attracted khổng lồ a fantasy-themed K-Drama, you must be familiar with While You Were Sleeping, a drama from SBS released on September 17, 2017! The drama depicts the story of phái mạnh Hong-joo (Bae Suzy) và Jung Jae-chan (Lee Jong-suk), who can see the future through a dream.

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Nam Hong-joo is a field reporter; meanwhile, Jung Jae-chan works as a junior prosecutor. Their encounter just came as a fate; Jung Jae-chan was the first one who dreamt of nam giới Hong-joo. The drama also intertwined between romance, fantasy, & crime plot, which made it more interesting!


Aside from that, the main character of While You Were Sleeping got more attention from the fans: Bae Suzy & Lee Jong-suk, who acted as an adorable couple which led them lớn won the Best Couple award from ‘SBS Drama Awards 2017’! Let’s get deeper about Bae Suzy & Lee Jong-suk’s chemistry from the drama here!

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Their romantic Scenes as nam giới Hong-joo và Jung Jae-chan


When people are in love, even the smallest things can take up the most room in their hearts. Just like how nam Hong-joo và Jung Jae-chan treat each other! In episode 8, Bae Suzy và Lee Jong-suk looked lượt thích a casual couple who ride the same bus. When he got sleepy, she protects the sunlight with her hands so he could sleep more comfortably!

A lãng mạn drama won’t be completely lãng mạn if there is no kissing scene! One of the most beautiful scenes from Bae Suzy và Lee Jong-suk is portrayed through a kiss scene under the rain! Despite the problems that they have been facing as phái nam Hong-joo and Jung Jae-chan, the nguồn of their strong relationship can conquer everything!

We bet you can’t stop giggle while watching this short clip! The way nam giới Hong-joo got embarrassed and nervous about Jung Jae-chan’s gentle expression is beyond adorable! Moreover, he tried lớn kiss her even though it eventually failed since he stuck with the seatbelt. Well, the sense of humor also feels in the air through this scene, right?

Bae Suzy and Lee Jong-suk’s Cheerful Interactions During Off-Screen!


Since their acting as a couple is very convinced, the fans wondered what they would be during the off-screen? So here are some of Suzy và Lee Jong-suk’s best moments behind the scenes!

Suzy & Lee Jong-suk were filming a certain scene, where Suzy was looking for Lee Jong-suk.

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Surprisingly, he came và made her startled! After they have finished, Lee Jong-suk & Suzy burst into laughter since they both made the same mistakes several times!

If we didn’t know in advance if Suzy and Lee Jong-suk were filming a drama, then we might be thinking that they were an ordinary couple who went on a picnic date! He couldn’t stop making any funny expression which made Suzy hard to lớn focus!


Aside from that, both of them also shared a picture of them on the day-off through the Instagram
jongsuk0206! So it could be the two of them together or along with other co-stars & the crews!

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What They Say About Each Other


As the main character và a couple in the drama, Suzy và Lee Jong-suk get to lớn know each other better along the way. From a co-star to lớn a good friend, they also shared each other’s opinions while working together!

Suzy was praising his charms while filming the drama, “His (Lee Jong-suk) character represents hope to lớn me. He is a cool person, và I liked acting it out.” But, it turns out, Lee Jong-suk also reveals that he fell in love with Suzy too many times! “Suzy is the most beautiful woman in Korea. I loved her for every moment we filmed,” he said. Well, they indeed have a dễ thương relationship, aren’t they?

Are Bae Suzy and Lee Jong-suk Dating?


When While You Were Sleeping was over, it seemed like the fans still demand more episodes to lớn watch Suzy và Lee Jong-suk’s remarkable chemistry! Even the dating rumor between them started lớn spread out of nowhere, although they indeed have a close relationship và good friend of each other.

The fans have speculated that their feeling started to grow after filming the drama together. Moreover, the public was believed that the reason behind Suzy & Lee Min-ho’s breakup was Lee Jong-suk. Fortunately, the agency of both parties finally spoke up about the rumor and revealed that they weren’t dating, and Lee Jong-suk wasn’t the cause of the breakup.

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That was everything about Suzy & Lee Jong-suk’s romantic sparks on While You Were Sleeping! Even though the drama was over, but the memory lane was remained the same, especially after Suzy and Lee Jong-suk made an amazing performance as a couple! bởi you also think that their chemistry is very natural? Let us know the answer through the comment below, then don’t forget to share our article on your social media!