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Chủ đề Home

Do you live in a house or a flat?

I live in a house which is located on the outskirts of a small town. I’ve lived there for almost 5 years with my parents.

Which is your favourite room?

Probably the sitting room. Khổng lồ be honest, we all spend most of our time in the sitting room because it’s the cosiest room in our house.

Can you describe it?

Well, it’s not particularly large but even so, it feels quite spacious. There are two huge comfy sofas, an xuất hiện fire which we light in the dark winter months và on the walls there are some rather beautiful oil paintings of country scenes from the area where we live. It’s quite a pretty room, lots of natural light.

If you could improve one thing in your house, what would it be?

Well, if I could change just one thing, I’d probably choose to lớn change my bedroom. At present it’s rather small with almost no view at all. If I could alter it in any way, I would enlarge it to lớn have a private study area, where I could bởi vì some work, và I would improve the view by planting some lovely trees and shrubs outside the window. I think being able to lớn sit at a window & see nature is really important.

Chủ đề Film

Do you enjoy watching films?

Oh yes, I’m a bit of a film fanatic actually. I watch films most weekends and quite often during the week as well. I much prefer films khổng lồ TV programs.

What kinds of films vì chưng you like most?

I really like a wide variety of film genres. But if I had lớn choose a type of film. I’d say I mainly go for suspense, psychological thrillers. In fact some of my favourite films are the old Hitchcock films – he really was the master of suspense.

Did you watch much TV as a child?

No, I didn’t. My parents encouraged us, my brothers & me, khổng lồ spend out time outdoors rather than sitting inside watching TV. So we only ever had the chance khổng lồ watch TV for an hour each evening before we went to bed. I can’t say it was very common because most of my friends watched loads of TV.

Are foreign language films popular in your country?

No, they’re not really that popular compared lớn domestic films. I mean there are some Asian films from India & China, as well as some films from Europe but I think having to lớn read the subtitles puts people off watching them. It’s a shame really because I think it’s important for people to lớn watch more foreign language films in order to lớn learn more about other cultures.

Chủ đề Greeting People

How would you greet someone who was visiting your house?

Well, I’d probably welcome them into the house and offer them a cup of tea. That’s usually the way it’s done in my country. We don’t really have any formal way of welcoming people.

Would you greet an old friend & a stranger in the same way?

No, definitely not. If it’s a close friend who I’ve known for a long time, I give them a hug, but if it’s just a stranger I would either shake hands with them or just say “Hello, nice to lớn meet you” và nothing more.

How vì chưng you meet new people?

I mainly meet new people through friends. Whenever I have dinner with a friend there’s nearly always someone there that I haven’t met before and that’s how I usually extend my circle of friends.

Do you think first impressions are important?

Oh yes. From the first time you set eyes on someone, you already form some kind of an opinion about them, about their lifestyle, their background or what kind of person they might be. That’s why I always think it’s really important khổng lồ give a good impression when you meet someone for the first time.


Chủ đề A Holiday You Recently Had

Bạn yêu cầu nói về: Nơi bạn đến, chúng ta đi cùng ai, các bạn đã tham gia những hoạt động gì ngơi nghỉ đó với điều gì làm chúng ta cảm thấy chuyến du ngoạn thú vị.

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I’d lượt thích to talk about a holiday that I took to the coast of England just two months ago. I went to a small village in a coastal region called Cornwall. It’s really well known for its dramatic coastal scenes, stunning landscape & also for its tasty food. I went with my parents who had never been lớn this area of England before. They’d always wanted to go but just never had the chance because of work commitments. Anyway, Cornwall is quite far from where we live so we decided what it would be better to fly there rather than take the car. The roads và traffic are notoriously bad in that part of England. On our arrival, when we first got to lớn the village, we found our way to the cottage we had booked which overlooked the sea. I can’t tell you how gorgeous it was there. It was just lovely. The windows of my room overlooked a little harbour và I could see all the boats coming in and out & all the seagulls flying around.

We spent most of our holiday sightseeing. We visited all the local towns và villages và tried most of the local delicacies such as fresh crab và lobster. My father is a keen fisherman so he did a bit of fishing while my mother & I relaxed in little cafes somewhere just chatting with locals. It was so relaxing.

I think the thing I remember the most about the holiday was just how friendly & welcoming all the locals were. It felt like home from home. By the time we’d finished the two-week holiday, we had made loads of friends & I’m sure we’ll al keep in touch. If I ever get the chance khổng lồ go back, I’d love to lớn go & possibly stay longer, maybe for a few months. There’s still so much of the countryside that we didn’t explore, so there’ll still be plenty to see when we return.


If you had the chance to travel anywhere, where would you go?

That’s really difficult for me khổng lồ answer because there are so many places I’d like to go to. But I suppose, if I had to pick a place, I’d choose India mainly because of the incredible landscape & also because of the fascinating culture there. I always lượt thích to go khổng lồ countries which have a rich culture steeped in history & India certainly has that. I think I’d be blown away by the colours, the sounds, và the aroma of amazing food và by the local people. I’ve heard that the locals are very welcoming & hospitable lớn foreigners. I think going to lớn India would be a-dream-come true for me.

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Why bởi you think some people lượt thích to travel alone?

Well, I suppose one reason could be that when you travel alone, you are completely free to bởi exactly what you want. You don’t need lớn consider anyone else when you’re planning your itinerary or when you change it. It can be quite annoying not khổng lồ be able to bởi exactly what you want when you’re on holiday. Also, another reason why some people might prefer travelling alone is that it’s easier to make friends & meet people. What I mean is, other people are so much more likely khổng lồ start chatting lớn you when you’re on your own than if you are already with someone. So, travelling on your own can be more exciting và more interesting.

bởi vì you think travel has changed much over the last few decades?

Yes, I do. It’s changed beyond all recognition really. In the past, only wealth people were able lớn travel, not only because of the expense but also because of the time it took lớn travel long distances – you know it could sometimes take days khổng lồ go from one culture to lớn another. They would either have khổng lồ travel over land or by sea. Nowadays, of course, there are budget flights all over the world và anyone can afford to lớn travel. Travel has become so cheap that sometimes it’s even cheaper khổng lồ travel abroad than in your own country. So, not only it is easier to lớn travel, it is also more accessible lớn the average person.

How does travel change people?

I guess it changes people in a number of different ways. For the individual traveller, it gives them a chance to learn about how other people live và other cultures. This helps them khổng lồ become more tolerant and accepting of differences, which is really important nowadays in a time when there is so much tension between cultures & religions. Also travel can affect the local cultures a lot. What I mean is, it brings foreigners khổng lồ more remote places in the world where previously there was little outside contact. This can change the way they earn money & the type of work they bởi as instead of doing traditional jobs, they focus more on making money from the tourist industry. I think that’s quite worry actually, because if there’s a sudden drop in the number of people travelling, local cultures will suffer as a consequence.

vì chưng you think there are any disadvantages to lớn modern travel?

Yes, for sure. I think the main drawback is of course pollution, air pollution. Because there are so many budget flights these days, it has really increased the number of people travelling by plane & the number of flights each day. This has led to lớn serious problems with air pollution which affects the entire world not just the country with the most flights. So I think this is a major worldwide problem & really needs to be addressed either by reducing the number of flights or finding a cleaner energy source. Another disadvantage is that people are able khổng lồ move so easily from one country to lớn another that they almost forget their culture in a new country. I mean, if you take đất nước thái lan as an example, many tourists are so busy just having fun & doing what they want, that they forget they are in a relatively traditional culture & they act và dress inappropriately. I think that really is quite a disadvantage of modern travel.

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