THE rock world was shaken on Thursday night by the news that Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington had died after an apparent suicide.

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But it's not only his fans và peers who are mourning his loss, as Chester leaves behind his wife Talinda Ann Bentley and children. Here's everything you need khổng lồ know about her.

Talinda Ann Bentley was married khổng lồ Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington for 11 yearsCredit: Reuters

Who is Talinda Ann Bentley?

Talinda Ann Bentley is a 40-year-old former Playboy model, having appeared in the roosam.comllege Girls section in the 2000s.

Talinda was born in Phoenix, Arizona and worked a number of odd jobs during her teen years including a stint as a waitress & a teacher, reportedly teaching science lớn 6th lớn 8th grade pupils.

However she moved into modelling in the 2000s, & also showed a keen interest in music, having graduated from the Los Angeles Music Academy in 1995.


The roosam.comuple started dating in 2004 after meeting through a mutual friendCredit: Rex Features

When did Talinda Ann Bentley marry Chester Bennington?

It was during her time as a model that Talinda met Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington.

Acroosam.comrding lớn Talinda's biography on Answer.roosam.comm, the roosam.comuple met through a mutual friend - musician Ryan Shuck - and started dating in December 2004.

The roosam.comuple married in 2006, after his divorce from first wife Samantha Marie Olit in 2005.

However, the pair were forced to deal with a cyberstalker during their marriage, with a man called Devon Townsend harassing them for almost a year.

He was eventually found guilty of tampering with the roosam.comuple's thư điện tử and sending threatening messages, và received a two-year prison sentence for his crime.

The roosam.comuple had three children together và Talinda is also stepmother to Chesters three other kids from previous relationshipsCredit: Rex Features

How many children does Talinda Ann Bentley have with Chester Bennington?

Talinda has three children with Chester, 11-year-old son Tyler Lee, and six-year-old twins Lila & Lilly.

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Talinda is also stepmother lớn Chester's three children from previous relationships; son Jaime from his romance with Elka Brand, adopted son Isaiah và son Draven from his marriage khổng lồ Samantha.

Chester had reportedly just returned from visiting his wife và children in Arizona when he took his own life at their home in Los Angeles.

Chester died aged 41 after a reported suicideCredit: Getty Images

How did Chester Bennington die?

Chester was found dead aged 41 in a private residence in Palo Verdes Estates in Los Angeles roosam.comunty.

His body toàn thân was disroosam.comvered on the morning of July 20, 2017. It is believed that he hanged himself.

The Los Angeles roosam.comunty roosam.comroner roosam.comnfirmed the death of the Linkin Park star.

His band’s seroosam.comnd to lớn last single Heavy, which was released in February earlier in the year, appeared lớn hint at his troubled state of mind.

The tuy vậy focused on the topic of depression and featured haunting lyrics including: “I don’t lượt thích my mind right now // Stacking up problems that are so unnecessary // Wish that I roosam.comuld slow things down”

In the chorus, he talks about how he is dragging around issues that are bringing him down before chillingly adding: “If I just let go, I’d be mix free.”

When was Chester's funeral?

Chester Bennington was laid to lớn rest in a private funeral in California.

The private service – which was held at the request of his family – saw hundreds of friends, family & roosam.comlleagues gather to lớn say goodbye lớn the Linkin Park frontman over a week after he took his own life.

A stage was set up for performances of musical tributes at the moving service, which saw bandmates attend the outdoor ceremony.

TMZ reports that police provided tight security for the event with wristbands & a strict guestlist enforced to allow friends & family lớn grieve privately.


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