Tống Khánh Linh Helly Tống

Nurturing the dreams of herself & the dreams of those who shared her ambition, Helly found the business inspiration right from her love for the environment và trees.Being in many roles in the business world, she always applies her belief and core values to every business that she participated in.She believes that every individual has their own strength and talent, the achievements will come if we let our belief và passion be the guide in the journey.

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It was an unexpected path when she never thought that one day she could confidently tóm tắt her ideas và inspirations in front of many people. She still vividly remembers those first moments và even now, whenever she holds the microphone, she always reminds herself that: "I can bởi vì it."Helly is an eternal inspirational speaker for thousands of young people for a series of non-profit, seminar workshops at universities to promote & talk around the topics that related khổng lồ the sustainable developments of environment, society & human well-being.


Helly began her modelling career in 2011 when she was only 16 years old. At the age of 18, Helly was widely known as the title of a Young Fashionista & received many outstanding achievements such as the Second Prize of Lambretta Contest, the top 10 of X-Gen competitions, và became Fashion Influencer at HER WORLD YOUNG WOMAN ACHIEVER in 2016.​

She continues her nonstop success with reputable brands.


/ NANG /when it is not just a noun for a man calling the woman that owns his heart…

It is Nang, who is not afraid of the sensitivity và softness hidden inside her soul.

It is not about the characters that are reflected in the eyes of people, whether she is a teenage girl or a delicate woman.

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She loves herself and that matters the most.


“I’m just a small girl who carries big dreams" - Helly once thought.​

This thought came to Helly's mind when she was doubting herself & realizing the path that leads khổng lồ her dream was full of difficulties and limitations. However, with the love from where she was born, the luck that she has gathered from every destination she went by and the touches from soul khổng lồ soul, she has started lớn believe that little changes can also make big differences.

Few people don't know that Helly's childhood was full of beautiful dreams. When she was young & naive, she has dreamed of becoming many different characters:


Passionate of freely experiencing in different lands, she used to lớn dream of becoming a flight attendant.

Because she wanted lớn be cared for and shared with love, she once dreamed that she could become a teacher.

People asked me a lot about how I looked like when I was a teenager, and I think this picture might showing you a bit of those time. I danced c-walk, riding a motorbike, always with oversize outfits, và looked lượt thích a tomboy. To lớn me, I always believe that our life will be the richness of experience when we were in characters.